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Frequent online sales in European B2B markets range from 10 to 30%

Even in orthodox heavy manufacturing sectors, online sales are beginning to make up a substantial portion. In the B2B channel, a website serves as an entry point in the search for business partners and can be pivotal in initiating negotiations. Our client, Finow, found themselves in a similar situation, desiring a website update. In this case, the company required a partner who possesses industrial expertise, understands the B2B sales specifics of their products and services, and is familiar with the CMS HubSpot.

  • POC and Application Development
  • HubSpot
  • Website
  • Heavy industry

About client

Founded in 1893 and headquartered in Germany, Finow is a company that manufactures pipeline systems and components for power plants, the oil and gas industry, offshore wind farms, pipelines, and the construction sector at its own production facilities.


Provided services

  • Web design
  • Website development
  • Content creation
  • HubSpot CMS
  • The Challenges

    The company Finow required the development of a website from industry experts with proficiency in web development.

    Given AIM's market analysis experience in the relevant sector and their expertise in working with CMS HubSpot, the contractor chose to approach us.

    Our task was to create a website that fully showcased Finow's expertise and provided visitors with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

    One of the client's specific requirements was the development of an HR funnel on the website.

  • Solution

    1 Website layout planning

    This stage sets the foundation for the entire project's success. Our task is to analyze the company's materials, product offerings, and competitors, and most importantly, understand the client's vision.

    To successfully accomplish this task, we involved the marketing department. We established the website's structure, page layout, and content.

    After finalizing the structure and design requirements, we moved on to the next stage.

    2 Design development and approval

    Initially, we created a basic site layout in chart software, and after finalizing detailed design requirements, we developed the layout in Figma. The color scheme and stylistic elements align perfectly with the client's market and industry trends in Germany.

    During this stage, the company's business analyst is actively involved in the process. Content components on the website are carefully considered in the design preparation.

    3 Website development and deployment

    At this stage, the development department is actively involved. The design created in Figma is implemented on the CMS HubSpot. Frontend developers from AIM were engaged in composing the elements in the CMS.

    The primary uniqueness and requirement for website work was the development of modules that could be easily edited by the clients themselves in the CMS.

    4 Website adaptation and translation

    The website needed to be developed in two languages, which required translation from English to German. To ensure maximum accuracy and quality, we enlisted professional translators for this task.

    Before closing the project, we trained the client on how to make edits on the website using the CMS.

  • Results

    The client received the best website in the industry. For potential customers, the site included all the necessary tools for decision-making, including information about services, the company, and mandatory industry certifications.

    The website easily accommodates information about employment opportunities and open positions.

    Clients and potential employees reach out to the client with industry-specific regularity.

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