CRM onboarding and implementation

HubSpot implementation helped to growth profit on 20% in a next year

The advantages, given by the HubSpot system are not only about creating an ecosystem of data for sales and marketing. 

Corporate culture is the main reason, why people pay attention to the system - UX/UX standards are built to optimize a sales process.

  • Implementation of HubSpot CRM
  • Business Development
  • HubSpot

About the client

ERC - international brand, distributor of machinery and equipment all around the CIS region. The company has a lot of departments and sales teams in such countries, as Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Industry Distribution
Location Eastern Europe
Client since 2022

Services used

  • HubSpot sales pro
  • CRM implementation
  • CRM team onboarding
  • The Challenge

    We need to implement a best practice of CRM and help the sales team to build a work, which will be crucial for the customer service process and significantly help to manage a process.

    As a result, we expect, that other departments could take this practice and scale on HubSpot Enterprise.

  • Solution

    1 Create integration scenario

    Before we start, we need to understand whether HubSpot suits the client's vision. We create together a plan of adaptation, HubSpot object systems, and metrics to solve. 

    During that time, our objective was to explore the potential of integrating HubSpot's best practices into the ERC company's workflow. Additionally, we aimed to gain insights into enhancing sales processes through the use of HubSpot technologies.

    2 Preparing managers

    First step is creating a teams permission system. After that we create training plan for management and we buid a task cantric sales process.
    Every activity is planed on a different stages of dealboard, and have a tasks o neach stage. Task report helps to manage a team. 

    3 Team onboarding

    Once the system is prepared, we initiate onboarding training for the team and closely monitor their work's effectiveness. Subsequently, we implement minor adjustments to enhance their performance.

    We've successfully onboarded eight different teams, each with its own dedicated pipeline and permission systems. Initially, we brought on board four of these teams, and over time, the remaining ones have seamlessly integrated into the system as well.

  • Impact

    Presently, the client's entire sales operation is directed by our CRM system. The team relies on it to document and clarify all sales processes. Additionally, the management utilizes the HubSpot reporting system to oversee the operational procedures.

    Our client has expressed a desire to further expand the system within HubSpot, incorporating additional teams and accountants. Together, we envision an opportunity to enhance the company's workflow through HubSpot and increase our earnings.

    • 1000+ Contacts in the system
    • 40+ Managers onboarded

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